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Experience CBT with Skip Digital Therapy App
An app based on NHS-approved online CBT principles. Book a demo to learn how we're working to help restore the mental health of the nation.
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CBT with Skip – the mental health companion

CBT App for helping people with mild anxiety or depression to recover. The pandemic has worsened an existing mental health crisis, meaning more people than ever before now need support.

Unfortunately, under the current stepped care model, individuals with mild issues need to deteriorate significantly to meet the criteria for therapy.  Including the cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) that has proved so effective at restoring mental health. CBT with Skip is a CBT App that’s set to change that.


Designed to fill the gap between Every Mind Matters and more intensive IAPT services, CBT with Skip provides immediate access to therapeutic conversations and tools. It features a mental health companion – Skip the dog – that chats to individuals about how they’re feeling. Guiding them towards appropriate resources based on their individual feedback and built-in GAD7 & PHQ9 assessments.

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CBT App Features

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CBT with Skip bridges the gap between ‘watchful waiting’ and helpful action. Empowering individuals to start helping themselves to recover as soon as they reach out for support.

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Skip chats to individuals about how they’re feeling. Acknowledging their emotions and directing them to complete activities based on NHS approved CBT principles, based on their unique needs.

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CBT with Skip is based on NHS approved online CBT principles that has been proven to have an impact when it comes to reducing mild anxiety and mild depression.

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Instantly available to download, there are no waiting times. Individuals can start using the CBT app the moment they leave their GP, or complete their mental health assessment.

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Unlike human CBT therapists, who are typically only available for an hour a week, CBT with Skip is a mental health companion that’s always there to provide support, whenever needed.

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Built in weekly mental health assessments (PHQ-9 and GAD-7) allow individuals to monitor progress and healthcare authorities to measure the mental health of their population.


Integrated Healthcare

CBT app supporting integrated care

CBT with Skip can also be used as part of integrated care initiative, for people to access and download directly, without having to see their GP first.


It can also be distributed to people with a health condition that can lead to anxiety or depression. Such as diabetes, cardiovasular disease, arthritis, long covid or cancer.

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How does it work?




Commissioning organisation, such as a CCG or ICS purchases the CBT app for their local area



Commissioner and clinicians provided with dashboard, guided on best practice, and helped to train CBT app champions



GPs supported to refer patients to the CBT app, via a simple e-referral webpage, requiring minimal info

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Patients sent their unique code so they can download and access the CBT app, and built in PHQ-9 and GAD-7 tests







GP’s able to track their patient’s progress and commissioners sent regular updates on their population’s progress. 

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Frequently asked questions

  • How does CBT with Skip chat to individuals?
    CBT with Skip uses text to ask people how they are feeling and acknowledge their responses. Sometimes it displays menus for people to select what they want to talk about. It has built in artificial intelligence (AI) so it can ‘think’ about what the individual is saying and what to say next, modelling the sort of things a counsellor would ask. In time we hope CBT with Skip will be able to use speech to converse with people so they can converse verbally as well.
  • What sort of exercises does the CBT App guide people to do?
    At the heart of CBT with Skip is the use of NHS approved CBT principles, designed to change the way people think, feel and behave, to improve their mental health. For example, if someone is making their mental health worse by ‘catastophising’ and viewing situations as worse than they are – For example, “If I don’t get this report in on time, I’ll lose my job,” CBT can help them to identify destructive self-talk and unhelpful thoughts and behaviours to break the habit.
  • Why is the CBT App focused on cognitive behavioural therapy?
    CBT is a psychological approach to treatment, based on scientific principles, that empowers people to think and act in ways that have been proven to reduce mild anxiety and mild depression. It is highly effective but there are only a limited number of trained therapists and the waiting lists to see them are very long. By leveraging the technology we all have on our phones, CBT with Skip aims to increase access to cognitive behavioral therapy to help people help themselves.
  • What happens if someone gets worse while using the CBT app?
    Built in risk assessments monitor responses. If there is an indication that the individual has plans to self-harm they are asked to call a freephone number. This is staffed by counsellors from our PAM Wellbeing Employee Assistance Programme (EAP), who help to assess and signpost the individuals towards appropriate support. At the same time as notifying their GP. The patient is also notified that the CBT app may not be appropriate and the app with stop, with appropriate warning.
  • Can I see a demo of the CBT App in action?
    Yes. We would love to not only demonstrate CBT with Skip in action, but the dashboard it comes with so you can see how it reports back to the individual’s GP and provides general trend data to the commissioner. So they can see how the tool is to improve the mental health of their population. If you would like a 1:1 demo, with the opportunity to ask questions as see the features most relevant to you, please visit our demo page to arrange this.

CBT Insights

Our CBT insights page seeks to share our latest thinking on tackling the mental health crisis.

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