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Digital Mental Health Team

Making people feel less alone is at the heart of our digital mental health solution

Our founder James Murphy, was inspired to create CBT with Skip, after witnessing a 
family member experience mental health issues. 

“It can be hard to see someone you love struggling with a mental health issue,” explains James. “Talking to them about what it felt like I realised I had a coping strategy in my dog Skip. As anyone who has ever owned a dog knows, they are incredibly good companions and a huge part of the mental health crisis is just how alone people feel.”

He adds, “In creating CBT with Skip, I didn’t just want to use technology to increase access to structured counselling methods (CBT). I also wanted to recreate that sense of having a companion, to make our digital mental health solution as engaging as possible.”

James Murphy

Founder and CEO, PAM Group

James Murphy is the founder and CEO of PAM Group, the wellbeing consultancy behind CBT with Skip. His passion for building preventative healthcare solutions has led PAM Group to become a £30m business, employing over 600 people, since its conception in 2004. Its Occupational Health, Employee Assistance Programme (EAP), Health Assessment and Return to Work programmes are used by some of the UK’s best-known employers.

“In creating CBT with Skip, my aim is to deliver structured counselling methods (CBT) in an informal and engaging way.”

Digital mental health expertise 

Everyone in the CBT with Skip team understands the importance of companionship and supporting people to feel less isolated and alone, for restoring mental health.

They also have extensive experience of delivering preventative mental health solutions, including digital mental health services.


Meet the Team

Louise Abbs,

Managing Director,

PAM Wellbeing

Louise Abbs is the managing director of PAM Wellbeing, PAM Group’s mental health division. Highly experienced at helping some of the UK’s best-known employers to roll out mental heath initiatives, her expertise lies in creating preventative mental heath strategies that stop people from becoming too sick to perform or attend work. She is responsible for overseeing PAM’s Employee Assistance Programmes (EAPs) and Psychological Services, which support over a million people in the UK with their mental health.

“It’s really exciting to be taking what we’ve learned about treating mental health issues in the workplace out to the general public.”

Cheryl Price.JPG
Cheryl Price,

CBT Therapist,

PAM Wellbeing

Cheryl Price is a BABCP accredited CBT therapist and has the exciting role of making sure CBT with Skip thinks and acts like a real therapist. As a former CBT therapist for the NHS’s Increasing Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT) programme, she has first hand experience of supporting people with anxiety and depression issues. She is also accredited with the HCPC, as an Occupational Therapist, and has experience of delivering online counselling, having worked as a text-based therapist for IESO.

“The thing I like most about CBT with Skip is the way it guides people to work on their mental health in a really personal way.”

CBT Insights

Our CBT insights page seeks to share our latest thinking on tackling the mental health crisis.


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